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Here are my 4 boys! Pictured at ages 8, 2, 11 and 5 years old. They are my inspiration and motivation for this site and all its ideas. (This is how old they were when I started book clubs for each of them.)

I'm Laura. (I was a reluctant reader growing up. ) My sons are typical busy, active, competitive, and energetic boys so I've had to be creative in finding ways to encourage them to read. Book Clubs have helped my sons to connect to books, build confidence and maintain friendships.

BookClubs4Boys.com began as a simple activity I started for my oldest son, who was struggling to read as a first grader (his teacher even suggested that he repeat the grade). Some friends of mine started a Mother/Daughter book club around the same time; at first I felt left out, but I soon realized this was a great idea for boys too! Four years later when he was in 5th grade and reading at an 8.6 reading level I knew I had found a successful way to help boys read.

In class, he used to be easily distracted. He would start chattering during independent work times and he would often need his teachers to redirect him to the task at hand.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when his teacher told me she had chosen my son as her "Super Citizen of the Year"! He was her "Most Improved" student, both academically and socially. Being a confident reader has helped him become a more independent worker and an active participant in class. He will still rather spend his time outside being "rough and tumble" with his brothers or playing computer/video games, but the exciting difference is that now he can read and he does read because he has an extra incentive--his next Book Club meeting.

I hope this website will be a great resource for you in motivating your children to read. Feel free to contact me with ideas or questions at bookclub4boys@yahoo.com. If you know anyone who might want to start their own Book Club For Boys, please, tell a friend!

Before you leave, check out our book club Round Up page. If you help children read and you have a blog or website, we would love to see your great ideas and tips!

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