Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel

Summary: Follow Frog and Toad's friendship from season to season. This is a simple chapter book. Each chapter highlights a season and the last chapter includes a Christmas story. Frog and Toad share, support and serve each other. A quaint book about true friends.

Frog & Toad All Year Outline
Frog and Toad are good friends.
Talk about the qualities of a good friend.
What does it mean to be a good friend.
This was our November 2007 pick- so I will be emphasising blessings and things we have to be thankful for. (For example: Good Friends.)

This book is divided into 5 chapters- each highlighting a different season.
(Chapter 5 is a holiday- Christmas.)
Do 5 Activities while reviewing each chapter.

Chapter 1. Down the Hill-
TRY SOMETHING NEW! Frog introduced Toad to snow and sledding.
Go ICE BLOCKING... down a grassy hill... ( To make Ice Blocks use large plastic dish tubs and freeze enough ice blocks for each boy. Or ask each family to make their own.) Find a good sledding hill- and be sure to bring towels to sit on. (Bums do get cold and wet!) Fun activity!

Chapter 2. The Corner-
Is a story about the Season Changing... while outside ICE BLOCKING- look at the signs that the season is changing.. in the story- it was winter to spring... in November- it will be Fall - Winter.
(Blessing: The beautiful world we live in.)

Chapter 3. Ice Cream
- Need I even say?-- enjoy some ice cream cones for your treat!

Chapter 4. The Surprise!
Plan and do a service project to do as a book club.

Make cards- and mail them to an organization like- Keiki Cards. An organization that sends handmade cards to sick children monthly. These are not "get well" cards- they don't want to focus on the children's illness. They prefer holiday, silly, children's cards- just for fun.
Talk about the blessing of our bodies, and enjoying good health!

For this activity- you can use stickers, stamps, card stock paper, markers... make a book mark to include and why not share some of the titles of your favorite books!

Chapter 5 Christmas Eve!
Let the boys know- For your Christmas Book Club Meeting - you'll be exchanging names- to swap presents..! You can do this however you like- this could be a Secret Santa kind of thing or just a gift exchange. Our group is going to have it be a simple gift exchange with the limit $5.


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