What is a Lap Book {TM}?

For those of you who have never heard of a lap book, let me introduce you. If you are a "lap book pro" keep scrolling down for some books with lap-book ideas.

Now as a disclaimer: I'm no expert. I am actually new to the lap book tool in helping reluctant readers. But when I heard about these projects that homeschooling families use to help kids connect and get hands on with learning, I knew I had found a great tool.

I think the more the kids do and create and contribute to their the lap book- the better. I would be wary of just downloading exact templates and such. Let the lap book be your child's space to create and extend what they are reading. (For example: instead of printing off pictures let them draw their own.)

Here are some sites that really do a good job explaining the philosophies and nitty-gritty on Lap Books(TM) There are PROFESSIONALS out there.

The Home School Mom (Resource): Has a really great explanation and description of what a Lap book is. (History and creator information.)

Home School Share has dozens of lap book topics and examples. A great resource in getting started. Down-load-ables so you really can print and get to work. has free templates for the little books you add inside your lap book.
It's a good idea if you are just starting and want creative ways to add information to your lap books.

Templates by Donovan: has a zillion different templates! I think I fell in love.


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