The Sherlock Files: The 100-Year-Old Secret

by Tracy Barrett

Energy Game: Soccer (or Football as they call it in England.)

Incentive Game: Play traditional CLUE board game- except when passing out the clue cards.... ask each boy a question if they get it right.. they get a card. After all cards are passed out- they get to play and solve the mystery using their deductive skills! (The more answers they answer right.. the more cards they will have and better odds at winning the game!)

Questions listed below.....

Snack: Milk and Biscuits ( Biscuits = cookies in England)

Book Club Questions: You could print these questions out and let the boys pick which questions they answer... print a copy for you with the answers and then erase the answers and print a second copy to cut up and give the boys!

What is "the game" Xena and Xander like to play? Using clues to guess what a stranger does..
Who are Xena and Xander related to? Sherlock Holmes
What kind of ink was the note written with? disappearing
What do the British call a cookie? a biscuit
What is a pub? a cross between a bar and a restaurant
What is a Shandy made of? Lemon soda and beer
What was the code animal they were to order milk in a saucer for? a snake
Who is Andrew related to? Sherlocks friend - Watson
Why does Xander keep seeing a girl dressed in purple and in that old fashion dress? She's a model for an artist.

What is the name of the painting they are trying to find? Girl in a Purple Hat
What do Xander and Xena tell people why they are interested in the painting and artist? They are doing an extra credit assignment for school.
What is "the tube" in England? the subway
What do they call Soccer in England? foot-ball
Why is an artist painting pictures of the girl with a purple hat? to sell at the exhibit..
What does she do to make them different? The girl has brown eyes instead of green
What gives Xander the idea the the girl might be a boy in the painting? Andrew sees an old picture of Xander as a daisy and thought he was a girl..
How did they find the school the artists son went 100 years ago? The mascot Sherlock Holmes drew was the same as the school Xander played soccer against. Knuckers.
Where was the painting hidden? in the wall
Why did the headmaster agree to let them pull the wall boards out? the Art teacher told the headmaster it was possible the painting could be there.


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