Autumn Leaves

This was a cute activity that had a bit of a twist to it. Again- it was provided by FUNSHINE Express- in their monthly preschool curriculum kit. They supplied the leaves, I punched out the holes (for the lacing part of this activity), but it wasn't just color and lace. Funshine suggested you use a spray bottle- to dampen the "leaves" and then take small pieces of tissue paper to stick to it.
We did that - then left the project to dry- while we continued on with our preschool day and our learning stations. When we came back- the "leaves" were dry. We removed the tissue paper- and some of the color from the paper had bled onto their leafs! They were really excited by that.
(we did wish it was darker, the color transfer was really light.)
After our story book about Autumn Leaves- the kids wanted to color their leaves and lace around the edges. I love how the craft kids offered by Funshine Express- are so diverse! (not color:cut:paste/ repeat 500 times this year.) They seem to be able to mix it up and introduce NEW ways to manipulate materials. I would have NEVER thought to squirt water on tissue paper...



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