Apple Day!

There are lots of cute books about Apples- this is a family favorite of ours. (Good for counting, easy reading, and silly.)

Today in preschool we focused on Apples!
One of our preschool buddies has a few fruit trees- so we took a walking "field trip" to his house.

We were able to pick up apples- and use the bruised and undesirable eating apples for our craft.
Not very creative- but the kids loved it all the same. I mean what is not to love? Painting, stamping, and being able to play with food!
I used the craft supplies from one of my Funshine Express preschool curriculum craft kits- to embellish our apples prints and make ... Apple Trees.

We of course- had apple slices for snack and some popcorn I had found- Carmel Apple flavor. Very fun and simple activity to celebrate Autumn.


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