New Book Released!

I know I normally share great reads for boys- but this new book caught my eye.
Heroine in Deaf History or just a Humdrum girl from the 1800's.

As a Sign Language interpreter, I get approached often by homeschooling moms who would like me to introduce their children to American Sign Language.

I have LOTS of college text books about the history of ASL and how American Sign Language began, but there is slim picking when it comes to children's books.

Before 2017 there was only one picture book. MY HEART GLOW, and it is a pretty picture book. But homeschooling families like more meat. A STUDY OF ALICE COGSWELL is a non-fiction that gives the reader the option to decide for themselves- if Alice is a heroine in Deaf History or not.

On the authors website- readers can vote!

I just wanted to share- 2017 is American Sign Languages 200th Birthday! It is interesting to learn how this language came about.


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