Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Supply list for Games:
Pkg of balloons
String or yarn
Cowboy Hat

Wild Horses Balloon Stomp
As book club members arrive, tie a balloon onto one ankle of each child. Boys try to pop other people’s balloons by stomping- while trying to protect their own balloon. Once their balloon is popped, boys can tie another balloon onto their ankle. Continue until all balloons are gone and only one boy and balloon are left.

Box of Favorite cereal
1 bag of Large Marshmallows
1 stick of Butter
Cooking Spray
Wax paper
Melt a bag of large marshmallows and butter in a sauce pan on low heat. Pour in box of cereal- stir until coated with “Mellow” mixture. Spray hands with Cooking Spray and carefully mold into “horse-shoe” shape on the wax paper. ( if you take two handfuls- using both hands it’s easier to do this.) Let cool. Be careful- as the cereal mixture is HOT. This is quick work and should be done BEFORE book club by an adult. (These are rice crispi treats molded into horse-shoe shapes.)


Did you like hearing the story through the eyes of the horse?
Have you ever thought what it would be like to be an animal?
What animal would you want to be?
What was your favorite part of the book?
What surprised you?
Who was your favorite character?
Who did you relate to?
Did you enjoy the book?
If not- what would have made it better?

Book & Movie group- Buy or rent Black Beauty and compare and contrast the book with the video. Boys are eager to point out , “Hey that’s not how it happened!“ or “ Why did they skip that part from the book?” After the movie ask: Did you like the book better or the movie? Were they exactly the same? Why do you think they change parts?

BEFORE the movie. Pass out a questionnaire about the book and let them earn “MOVIE BUCKS” for each right answer. Have a “Concession Stand” - that the boys can redeem their Movie Bucks for snacks to munch on during the movie.

Here are some sample questions:
What was the Name of Black Beauty’s horse friend?( Merry legs &/or Ginger)
What are “Blinkers” and why are they dangerous? ( Blinkers block the side vision of horses. They are dangerous because Horses can’t see very well and at times get in accidents.)
How did Black Beauty get his name? (Black- because of his color, and Beauty because of his sweet face.)
How did Black Beauty let his master know the bridge was not safe? ( He would not cross it.)


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