Cam Jansen and Summer Camp.. by David Adler

Supply list for Games:
Ask the boys to bring their school back packs with them to book club.
HELLO- name tags- (Write the silly names on them for awards to the scavenger hunt)
Laffy taffy
Small trinkets on a tray- or cookie sheet, covered
Book Bag scavenger hunt list for each boy
Soccer Ball
Empty soda cans filled with sand or rocks

1. Host your own- “End of Camp Tournament”
Set up stations in your backyard.
Soccer Station- see how many goals they can make in a set amount of time.
Frisbee toss- how far can they toss a Frisbee.
Baseball throw- see how many cans they can hit over with the baseballs. (or tennis balls)
Let all the boys- enjoy the stations while you wait for everyone to arrive.

Start the Incentive Part of the Tournament.
Ask the boys a question- before they get an official turn to do each activity.
If they get the answer right- they get rewarded with- a full minute to make goals at the soccer station. Let every boy have a chance to answer a question and do the station. Then move to the next station. (If they answer right at other stations- the rewards could be…. They get the best out of three tosses at the Frisbee station and get three tries to knock cans over.)

Book bag Scavenger Hunt:
Have the boys grab their back packs and sit in a circle. Read off the items on the Scavenger Hunt list. The boys must hunt in their backpacks to find the items. If they have the item, they show everyone and cross off the item on their list.
Bit of food, sticker, broken crayon, bit of tape, marker, ruler, key, eraser, paper clip, glue stick, pencil, rubber band, scrap of paper, old homework, old spelling list, book , etc..
You might be surprised what they find in their back packs!

After playing the game pass out the HELLO Name tag Awards.
“Random Randy“- for the boy who had the strangest item in his back pack
“Neat Nick“- for the boy whose back pack was the cleanest
“Orderly Owen“- who didn’t have anything random
“Always Prepared Peter“- for the boy who had all the helpful items- ruler, pencil, etc..
“Clue-less Clark“- for the boy with NOTHING in his back pack!
“Oscar the Grouch“- in honor of the boy who is a pack rat like Oscar on Sesame Street.

Work on their Memory Skills- like Cam Jansen!
Bring out your tray of trinkets. Give the boys a minute to look at the tray. Then cover the tray - and remove a few items. (Without the boys seeing which items you removed.) Then place the tray back in view and ask the boys, “What is missing?”

Do they have Camera Like memories like Cam Jansen?
Let the boys take turns- removing items from the tray.
(trinkets- could be random things from your junk drawer.)

Have Hot dogs or your favorite Camp Food.
For Dessert- have the boys take turns reading the jokes on the Laffy Taffy.

Conversation starters:
Have you ever been to a Summer Camp?
Who is your favorite character? Who are you most like?
What was your favorite part of the book?
What surprised you?
Did you enjoy the book? Would you recommend it to a friend?
If not- what would have made it better?


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