Green Eggs and Ham with others by Dr. Seuss

Have book club members read Green Eggs and Ham at home with Parents. Suggest parents read this book to their children and then take turns reading the different parts. (Sometimes reading a whole book by themselves is a daunting task!)

Cat in the Hat book
Cat in the Hat board game or make a game with rhyming words.
Balloons with paper slips inside.
Cartoon movie double feature: Green Eggs and Ham & Cat in the Hat

On Book Club day turn on the movie- while you wait for all Book Club members to arrive.

Starter ENERGY game:
Have three cups placed around the room. One says HAT, one SAM, one says TRAIN
Write on small slips of paper words that rhyme with HAT, SAM and TRAIN.
Place slips of paper inside balloons and blow them up.

Let the kids run around the room popping the balloons one at a time, and placing the word paper in the cup that rhymes with that word. The game is over when all the balloons are popped and hopefully all the kids have their wiggles out!

For Book Club Treat: Of course it will be dyed GREEN.
Put food coloring in your milk- green milk.
Frost cookies- with green frosting. (green cookies)
Eat green grapes
Take the opportunity to talk about:
Is it hard to try new things? Taste new foods?
Have you ever tried something you thought you wouldn't like... and were surprised you did like it after all?
Let the kids share their experiences

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat board game , with colorful illustrations from the book. Designed for parents and children to play together, this game promotes early reading skills while challenging players to match letters with colors as they race along the board, and makes a great starter game for preschoolers. Includes a game board, 4 playing pieces, a numbered spinner card with a spin dial, 40 picture cards and complete instructions. For 2-4 players. Recommended for ages 4 and up. (Available at Amazon or other stores where games are sold.) We happened to get it for Christmas one year.
Or you can make your own matching/ rhyming game. In preparation for book club- cut out or draw pictures of items that rhyme.

Field Trip:
Live Near Manhattan?
The Children’s Museum of Manhattan has a major, new interactive exhibition with environments and activities themed to the Seuss classic Oh, the Places You'll Go! The exhibit opened first in New York and then will tour select cities around the country.
The Oh, the Places You’ll Go! exhibition bursts with Seussian colors, characters, and off-center structures—from the exhibition’s floor, walls, ceiling, and even from the facade of the museum. Visitors will follow Seussian pathways that lead “straight out of town,” they’ll “join the high fliers who soar to high heights” via raised platforms or descend through tunnels from a “prickle-ly perch” to a Seussian “Slump.”
The exhibition maintains the positive outlook on life inherent in Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and many of Theodor Seuss Geisel’s other books. The exhibition is designed to inspire children to love reading as it weaves together a history of Geisel’s life and work with an interactive journey where children and adults are immersed in activities. Children will be encouraged to try new things and to become explorers and doers with reading the key to finding new places.
Hours: Summer Hours (Now - September 12)Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm Winter Hours (Beginning September 25)Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Address: The Tisch Building212 West 83rd Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam)New York, NY 10024
Admission Fees: $7 for adults and children $4 for seniors Free for children under one

We really have been here! When my oldest was just 2 years old. Talk about entering the world of Dr. Seuss! Colorful and zany- it was like entering one of his books. My son had a blast!


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