Honus and Me by Dan Gutman


Reading level for 8-12 year olds. Joe Stoshack loves baseball and has a real magical connection to baseball cards. He knows about players past and present. Too bad he doesn't know how to play well. This is a great story that introduces themes of honesty and integrity. What would you do if you found the most valuable baseball card in the world while cleaning out a neighbors dusty attic?

Play a game of baseball or if you don’t have enough boys for a full game. Have batting practice or play catch. Have two boys with gloves play catch while standing near a base. (the base can be a hat, Frisbee, etc..) The rest of the boys run trying to run to the other base without being tagged out.

Have Hot Dogs, popcorn, peanuts and cracker jacks! Make it an All American Meal.

Topics to talk about:
Integrity. Honus wouldn’t let the tobacco company use his picture. Joey has an integrity issue too- what to do with the card… what would you do?

What is the secret to being a great baseball player?

p60 “lies catch up to you” Did Joey do the right thing? What would you do?

Talk about the traits of characters in the book: What do we know about the values of Joey’s mom, his dad, Joey, Honus, Birdie, etc..

What does Honus get out of doing nice things? P106

Activity: Let the boys design their own trading card. Have card stock cut to size with markers and color pencils.


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