Holes by Louis Sachar

Supply list for Games:
Squirt gun for each boy
A medicine dropper or infant medicine syringe
Pitcher of water
Paper napkins (optional)
String (optional)

Mr. Sir May I?
This game is a variation of “mother may I” except have one boy be “Mr. Sir“. “Mr. Sir” stands with his back facing the rest of the boys- who are a few feet away, lined up shoulder to shoulder. The boys take turns asking Mr. Sir (who can’t see them-because his back is turned…) how many pace’s they may take. The boys try to get as close to Mr.Sir as they can and hopefully “sneak” up behind him and tag him on the shoulder.
The first boy to tag Mr. Sir- get’s to be Mr. Sir for the next game.

For example:
Boy= Mr. Sir May I take 3 paces?
-Yes you may… (or no you may not)
Boy= Thank-you Mr. Sir!
If the boy forgets to say Thank-you before moving-- the boy has to go back to the original starting line.

Pass out a EMPTY squirt gun for each boy while you hold the pitcher of water with an EMPTY medicine dropper. Ask the boys questions about the book. If they answer the question right… take the dropper and put water into their water gun. If they answer wrong- the water that could have been squirted in their gun gets squirt on the ground. Continue asking questions and filling squirt guns. Whatever water they have in their gun… is how much they get for the beginning of the water fight!
( I always warn the boys before hand… when the book is assigned so they are really motivated to read and understand the book.)

We made “targets” for the boys to wear on their back. This helps boys focus on squirting each other on their backs instead of in eyes and ears, which some people find very sensitive. To make the targets- tie a long piece of string to the four ends of the napkin. Place the napkin on the back of a boy and tie two strings together. Do the same on the other side- having one string go over the shoulder and the other string under the armpit.

What color are the uniforms at Camp Green lake? (orange)
How many uniforms does each camper get? (two)
How big of a hole does each camper have to dig?
(as tall and wide as their shovel.)
What is the last thing the boys do, before they leave their finished hole?
(spit in it.)
What color are the yellow spotted lizards teeth? (black)
What does Stanley see in the bottom of one hole, when he is looking for Zero? ( a nest of lizards)
What does Zero stand for? (Zeroni)
What is “Caveman’s” real name? (Stanley)
Where does Trout find Kissing Kate? (the movie shows by the boat, the book reads different) ( in a cabin)
What is the special ingredient in the Wardens nail polish? ( rattlesnake venom.)
Why is Magnet called “Magnet”? ( his fingers are like little magnets- when he steals things.)
Why is Twitch nicknamed “Twitch”? ( he has a nervous twitch.)
Sing the song that Stanley’s family sings… it starts, “if only if only….”
Why is the boat named Mary Lou? (after the donkey- the boat was Sam’s)

Plastic cups & spoons
Chocolate pudding (prepared in advance)
Chocolate cookies- crushed
Gummy worms

Let the boys assemble their own dirt cups layering the ingredients as they like.

Get to know the author too! Web page at He says this is his favorite book he ever wrote! There's Frequently Asked Questions along with a Bio- page!

Book & Movie group- Buy or rent Holes and compare and contrast the book with the video. Boys are eager to point out , “Hey that’s not how it happened!“ or “ Why did they skip that part from the book?”

After the movie ask: Did you like the book better or the movie? Were they exactly the same? Why do you think they change parts?


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