Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman

Basic Outline:
Play some basketball type games. HORSE and Knock-Out
Book Talk
(Would be a great book to read while working on cub scout Basketball Belt Loop program!)
Prepare: Gather ingredients for your own versions of “Finkles“ .
Pg 17 gives a brief description of how to make one…
Need peanuts, chocolates, marshmallows and your favorite pancake mix.
Make a pancake and then sprinkle peanuts, chocolate and marshmallows on it. Roll it up and serve warm.

Energy Game:
Play a game of HORSE- as described in the book. Play a few time until all boys are present.
Play another basketball game- Knock-Out.
Boys line up at the free throw line. You need 2 basketballs for this game. The first person in line takes a free-throw. If he makes it- he moves to the back of the line. If he misses- he rebounds the ball for himself and takes shots anywhere on the court he would like. Meanwhile- after his missed shot.. The next boy in line tries to throw a free-throw. If he makes it… the first boy is “knocked- out” of the game and cheers the rest of the boys on.
So you have two boys shooting at the same time.
If the first boy makes his shot first. The second boy still continues to shoot. The first boy passes his ball to the next person in line at the free-throw line. This boy tries to sink a free-throw and “knock out” second boy.
You continue playing until there is only one boy left… he’s knocked out all his opponents.

Book Talk-
1. You and a friend have 3 minutes to come up with an original poem about Finkles - now that you’ve tasted one.
Share your poem with the group. (This should get a few laughs.) Then have each boy line up and see if they could make a free-throw under pressure. Would they have won the million dollars?
2. What do you think about George Finkles attempts to weasel out of paying a million dollars? What were some of the ways he tried to prevent Eddie?
3. Is that realistic that Anne wouldn’t want to take the million dollar shot? She wrote the winning poem, why didn’t she want the money? Is that believable? (pg 39)
4. Did you try any tips on improving your foul-shot?(pg. 48)
5. Would you take Finkles offer and miss the shot on purpose? Would you keep his offer a secret from your parents? (pg 66) Should you keep secrets from your parents?
6. What did you think of the end of the book? Did you like how the author made you wait for the end? Did it add suspense?
7. What would you do with a million dollars?


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