The Landry News

Mr. Larson is perhaps the worst teacher in the world. Instead of teaching, he prefers to read a newspaper and drink coffee. One day Mr. Larson notices a newspaper published by a new student in his class! As he reads the one page-handwritten newspaper he finds an unfavorable review of his teaching style. Cara Landry not only criticise his methods of "no teaching" but proposes that the real teachers in the classroom- the students- be paid his salary! This newspaper turns into a class project that might just get Mr. Larson fired- finally!

This book really is more like a "HOW to start your own paper- with a plot along the side" type book. Great book to read over a vacation break- when your child might have more time to devote to starting his own paper with his friends!

Go on a field trip to where a local paper is made. (Arrange in advance.) See the real process and ask real reporters questions about their jobs.
(Great book if you have scouters working on Bears Information, Please achievement or Jot it Down achievement pg 136-145 OR Webelo Communicator Requirements pg 177.)

Discuss the first Landry paper Editorial. Was that brave? Smart? Gutsy- or just dumb?
What are the qualities of a reporter or journalist? (pg 16)
What about the topic of Truth and Mercy? Is it important to have both- or does truth always win?

Is there a heart to a newspaper? (p 41)
What are some steps to starting your own paper? ( pg 56)
List Positive- Neutral - Negatively charged words. Have you ever thought about that? Does that change the way you want to talk, write from now on? What power do words hold on influencing people? Expressing ideas?
What are some column ideas from the book? (pg 93) What are some of your own column ideas?

Start your own paper- What is the name? What is the heart of your paper?


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