Million Dollar Strike by Dan Gutman

Bowling might not be the coolest sport in their town- but two friends, Ouchie and Squishy are motivated to save their favorite bowling alley from City Council. They motivate the owner invest and restore the alley, even host a Million Dollar Strike contest to help revive the bowling interest. Just when things start to look bright, the most nightmarish scenarios start coming to life. Someone-or something wants Bowl-a-Ramas doors to close forever!

Ideas for activities with this book:
Go on a field trip to a local bowling alley!
Create your own "disco-glow" bowling in your home- if you don't live near an alley.
(Great if your boys are working on the Cub Scout Bowling belt loop.)

Book Club Questions to Discuss:
Do you believe in Fate?
Does it matter what we do?
Did Ouchie really get a strike? (What do you think?)
Was the ending fair? Is life always fair? Should life be fair?
How would you have handled what happened if you were Ryan (Ouchie)?


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