Million Dollar Putt by Dan Gutman

Edward Bogard (Bogie) seems like a typical-spunky kid. He likes to tell jokes, ride bikes, play his guitar and finds out that he is even pretty good at golf. He's not afraid to try new things, but he does get stage fright if asked to perform in public. What makes him different is Bogie is blind! Yup.. blind. He can't see the ball when it's by his feet or see where it falls... Blind golfing is a team sport and Bogie has his friend be his eyes and coach him through the holes. Yet when he is mysteriously entered in the local golf tournament, with a million dollar prize Bogie has to decide if he is willing to put his stage fright aside and go for the big bucks.

I loved this book- so many elements you can extend to hands-on activities.
Ideas for different Activities to do with your book club:

Teach the kids 3 guitar cords and play "Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam.." (pg 114)
Go play some mini -golf.

Do some challenges- blind- simple every day tasks. (make a pb-j sandwich, get dressed- blind.)
Go to a museum and look at miniature models of things... (models like Birdie makes pg 21)

Have the kids make a miniature model of something.

Go to a golf course and shoot a bucket of balls.
(Great book if your scout is working on the Golf Sports Belt Loop!)
Set up a mini- golf course in your house or back-yard

After your activity: Enjoy a treat- "Shaved Ice" and talk about some topics in the book.

"Shave ice" - if you don't live in Hawaii or a place that sells shaved ice there are machines you can buy to make shave ice. OR- try freezing an ice block inside an old container. ( sour cream container for example.) Pop the ice out and use your grater to grate small slivers of ice. (you will probably have to wear gloves.) Maybe use a food processor or blender? Flavor with your favorite juice.

Which character do you relate most to? and why? (Birdie- are you hesitant to try new things?, Bogie- you like to tackle new challenges? Hunter- very competitive and sometime you forget about other people's feelings?)

How does Bogie handle bullies at school?

What lesson can we learn from Bogie?

What job does Bogie's dad do? Would you like that job? Why?

Why did Bogie's father hate golfing?

What helps him change his mind?


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