Frog Story Time

I started our Story time- playing a modified version of "Pin the Tale on the Donkey"- except it was more like, "Put a Frog on the Log"

Then we straightened them up and sang the song, "Five Little Speckled Frogs". I let each child take a turn picking a frog off the log and placing it in our "pond".

We sang it a few times. (Make sure when you sing the part about: eating the most delicious bugs... to add sound effects: slump.. slump like you are trying to catch flies out of the air with your tongue. They love that part.)
Then I read a few books about frogs and a few more stories that had some frogs in the pictures.

After we went on a walk- were I knew some tadpoles and baby frogs were. We just happen to visit when the baby frogs were hopping off to find new homes. (So literally hundreds of baby frogs everywhere!)
That was really fun to watch the boys chase and catch and love these baby frogs.
I think the best way to think of story time themes- is to look around you. What is happening in your world? I know- many of you are knee deep in snow right now, but this spring when your toads and frogs are laying their eggs... this will be a great story time! The boys and I really enjoyed ourselves!


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