The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling

Basic Outline:
Energy Game: Kick the Can
Incentive Game: Answer questions and earn chocolate coins
Snack: Prepare a chocolate fondue or simply make chocolate pudding with an assortment of foods to dip into
Compare & Contrast this story to classic story: King Midas' Golden Touch
(If you wanted to incorporate some scouting electives - talk about junk foods, elective 9d for Bears, or the food pyramid for Wolves!)

Energy Game:
Pg 44 Story mentions Kick the Can
How to Play the Kick the Can Game
Step 1 Gather a group of people to play. The game works best if there are at least four people.

Step 2 Draw straws to decide on who will be the ruler. The ruler will guard the ball to begin with. It is the job of the ruler to capture all the players.

Step 3 Choose the player to kick the ball. This player will kick the ball as far as he or she can, and the ruler must chase it and return it to the original spot.

Step 4 Scatter. All players must scatter to find hiding spots before the ruler places the ball back in the original spot.

Step 5 As ruler, hunt to capture players after replacing the ball. If the ruler sees a player hiding behind a tree, he or she will call their name and run to tag the ball.

Step 6 Race to the ball. The player who was called runs to beat the ruler back to the ball. If they succeed, they must kick the ball to run and hide again. If they do not beat the ruler back to the ball, they are captured.

Step 7 Free anyone captured. When the ruler is not looking, or if a player is able to get close enough, a player can run and kick the ball, thus freeing all the captured players. But, be careful, if the ruler beats the player to the ball, that player is now captured

Step 8 Capture everyone as the ruler. When everyone is captured, the ruler has done their job, and game play starts over. The job of the ruler now goes on to the first person who was captured.
(directions from

Book Talk/ Incentive questions: ( pass out chocolate coins for each right answer!)
1. What is John's one bad fault? (p2 pig about candy)
2. What makes his parents suspect he's had too much candy? (p5 red spot on his nose.)
3. What kind of complications come from eating too much chocolate? (no room for good food.)
4. What is the name of John's sister? (Mary)
5. What was the first thing to turn into chocolate? (toothpaste)
6. Why did john kick the hammer of the doctors hand? ( to prove he could kick harder.)
7. Why did john go to bed so early? ( so he could sneak his chocolate)
8. How much chocolate was in the box? (one small piece)
9. Why did John eat his glove? (pg 28)
10 What did John change into chocolate at school? ( silver dollar, pencil, water, lunch, fork trumpet.)
11. How does John try to eat differently?
12. When did it stop being fun? (During the test.. or when he was thirsty)
13. What was the last straw for John? ( turning his mom into chocolate.)
14. What did the doctor diagnose it? Craniums Disease or Chocolatitis
15 Whose fault, or who is to blame for his chocolate condition?
16. How was the magic broken?
17 Why do you think the sign changed from "for sale" to "Sold"?

Snack: Let the boys dip different items in chocolate.
Banana's , strawberries, pretzels, graham crackers, and strange things too... cheese, chips, carrots, etc.. talk about what it would be like to have chocolatitis.

While boys are enjoying their snack/dessert- read classic story book aloud. Compare this modern story with the classic fairytale.

Extend: Have the boys pick a classic fairytale and have them write a modern version.. it would be interesting to hear and have boys share their stories the next book club.


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