The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Short Summary: This is the first in a series of books about a boy who realizes he is a "half blood". (Meaning= one of his parents is a Greek god.)He thought he was just a troubled kid with ADHD and dyslexia. That those labels explained why he was such a poor student and had the worst luck of switching schools every year up to 6th grade. Now that he knows his biological father was none other than Poseidon, and his "learning disabilities" really are because he's wired to read Greek. His ADHD/ high energy is a must for survival in battle. And his bad luck? Well that is typical for heroes too. I mean, if monsters were stalking you since birth you might have a few mishaps yourself!

I recommend this book for Confident Readers for the sole reason that there are some pretty challenging words from Greek Mythology. (This would be a great story to read aloud- at bedtime and read together for independent readers.)

My sons and I ended up buying a picture book about Greek Mythology so we could look at the traditional stories about these gods and monsters and see what they look like. (Who are Titans? The Fates? What is a Centaur? etc.) I was actually really happy this contemporary story motivated my 12 and 10 year old to learn about the actual mythology of long ago.

With all great Movie/Book Clubs- I love to introduce the book with a clip.
Watch the Movie Trailer {HERE}

It's a nice sneak peek and helps the kids get a general feel of what to expect from the book.
I am planning on hosting my book club at the book store in the Mall: Borders has graciously offered to let us use their store.

We'll have our book club discussion there, do a quick craft and then GO SEE THE MOVIE!

Craft: We are going to paint a "camp bead" and paint a trident on it to make a camp necklace, like all the Half-bloods at camp. (Hopefully boys will want to continue with the series and their camp necklaces will gain beads with each future book they read!)

I am still gathering my supplies but I am thinking those thin leather strips as the necklace part and a simple wood bead with craft paint.

For our book club- I made these TRI FOLD book marks. (Be sure to download both A and B. A is the outside of the trifold and B is the inside.) and Click HERE for second side.

Included are questions for them to answer, predict and pictures of the different gods and a few monsters to help them keep names and characters straight.

Discussion Questions:
1. When Percy talks about his mom in Chapter 3 he says that sometimes "the best people have rotten luck". Do you think that is true? Is it true in the story?

2. What is Summer and Winter Solstice? When is it?

3. When Percy is confronted by Clarissa in the bathroom, he feels he has to "earn his own reputation". What do you think he meant by that? Have you ever had to earn YOUR own reputation?

4. In Chapter 9 Percy finally has a cabin and knows who his father is- why is he so miserable?

5. Why do you think Percy has so many dreams? What did they mean?

6. While in Vegas Percy and friends find the Lotus Hotel. Would you want to stay there? Why or why not?

7. Did you predict who was going to betray Percy in the end? Make some predictions for the next book!

I just ordered our Book Club T-Shirts! Our boys are getting so excited to see the movie in the THEATER! You can order shirts for your club HERE!
Happy Reading!

HERE is a link- to another book club and their ideas for this book!


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