Me and My Robot

Me and My Robot is so adorable! It is a great easy reader and very fun to read aloud!
(Using a robot voice- for the robot responses is a crowd pleaser.)

Summary: Reese has a robot. While they have lots of fun together, sometimes Reese has to teach Robot new things. Like when a friends kitten goes missing, Robot leads the friends to every other small and furry animal- except a kitten!
I have not read Me and My Robot #2- but I have ordered it so I can read it to our book club the DAY of our activity. We love book one so much- I can't wait to read book 2.

I stumbled upon this adorable activity to do with our kids at Family Fun Magazine.

Magnets hold their features in place. This is a metallic equivalent of a Mr. Potato Head.
I plan on preparing the cans and gluing magnets on items (bolts and nuts, etc.) BEFORE book club, since you have to use a hot glue gun.
But I will also invite them to bring items from their junk drawers. That way while they play- I can glue more magnets onto their items also. (Hot glue dries quickly so they can incorporate their pieces too in their robot.)
I think this is a great project! And I love that all the extras can be stored IN the can when not in use!
AFTER they make a robot and get there's looking "just right" we'll go around the table and talk about the book.
What was the name of Reese's' robot?
What are you going to name your robot?
What kinds of things does Reese have to teach his robot?
What kinds of things will you teach your robot?


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