Cam Jansen and the Pizza Shop Mystery

Cam Jansen has a photographic memory and in this story it helps solve the mystery of what happens to her jacket in the pizza shop.
We had a really fun book club. I made "paper pizza's" and we used candy for our "pepperoni" for our game.

I placed random items on a tray and we practiced our memory skills.
One boy removed 4 items off the tray- then the other boys had to guess which items were missing. If they were able to say one item-- they added a "pepperoni" on their paper pizza.
We played several times- allowing all the boys to have multiple turns to take things off the tray.
Then we made homemade pizza.
Boys went outside while the pizza cooked... they played basketball and blew off some energy.
Honestly- it wasn't my favorite book.
Kinda weak plot-- but at this beginning reading phase, it is hard to find great books for them to read. The boys didn't make a fuss and...
It was a really fun book club.


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