Pirate School

This is an easy reader- but full of action and adventure!

Pirate Pete goes to school on a ship. A Pirate ship! He is learning how to be a good Pirate. Lessons like "don't cry over spilled milk and finder's keepers loser's weepers".
But when on a treasure hunt- he has to choose to act like a pirate or work as a team?

This is a great book.
We played a game while we quizzed the boys on the story.

I don't know what you would call this game-- Cap full of water?

How you play is you have a small cap of water.
Then you ask a question.
If you answer right- you get to toss water on the person who asked the question.
if you answer wrong- you get water tossed in your face.

It is pretty harmless and very silly.

Next we went on a Treasure Hunt!

Boys read simple clues and searched for the hidden booty.

Then when they found the treasure- they had to divide it evenly.


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