Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This is a great series of books- that my boys have really enjoyed.
If your son saw the movie- he'll love the extended story details in the books.

My fourth grader read this and continued with the other books in the series. We went to the movie for our book club activity.

Movies are a great way to help reluctant readers connect to books.
If you think about it- most of us struggle to read a book if it doesn't "hook" us in the first chapter or so. Kids are no different- in fact, they tend to be worse! If a book doesn't capture their attention by the first few pages the book is abandoned.

Now think about a child that actually struggles to read.
Struggles to read fluidly enough to stream a sentence together.
Sometimes important plot information, settings , information and even details about the characters get lost.

By using the movie- even just a few minutes- will help "hook" kids to the characters, they understand where the plot is going, they can see the setting and surroundings. Having all this key information firmly in place, reluctant readers can now plug through the book and find out... "what happens next??"


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