Guardian's of Ga'Hoole

Movie/ Book Clubs are the easiest of all types of book clubs to host.

An Owl quest following the story of one small owlet, Soren.
When Soren was just a young owlet, he mysteriously falls from his nest (or was he pushed?). He then is plucked from his home and taken to a sinister St. Aegolius Academy. An encampment of brainwashing to form a mindless work force for the forces of evil....
Once there he has to rely on his wit and bravery to escape.
So begins the quest for Soren. He sets off with a rag-tag bunch of orphans to find the legendary heros, The Guardians of Ga'Hoole to save all owl kingdoms.

Not many kids could come to our Movie night- for book club.
But we had a blast- with the ones who could make it.

Going to the movies with friends is a HUGE motivation for my sons to read. I was talking to a friend of mine- who was discouraged that her son wasn't finishing the book- but was enjoying the reward of going to the movies.

We tried to think of a solution.
She was tempted to NOT let her son go to the book club movie night.

But I suggested-
what if you pay for the movie if he finishes the book.
If he doesn't read the book- he can still go to the movie- but he has to pay for it himself.

That was just enough motivation for him to finish the book.

After the movie- we popped over to the Taco Bell and had our discussion. So easy peasy! The kids naturally start talking about what they liked better
the movie
or the book.
They also talk about parts that were left out
parts that were added
I personally enjoyed the books better- I felt like I was learning alot about owls. (lol) Did you know about owl gizzards? That owls yarp pellets from their gizzards that package their last meals bones, fur, etc.
Did you know that?
The kids enjoyed to movie more.
My son specifically liked they took all that OWL information out of the movie- and just kept the storyline.


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