This is a Stepping Stones book for 2.9 reading levels.

Summary: For hundreds of years, people have believed in dragons- but why?

People found the bones of large animals (dinosaurs) and storytellers told tales of dragons guarding their eggs and treasure. Knights and kings fought these beasts to protect villages.

Ironically in China- Dragons were good luck!

This book explores tales across many cultures and time periods.

It's a great read- for little guys who want to learn about dragons, imaginary and real! (Komodo).

We talked about the book while the boys decorated their Dragon flyers.

I found these adorable dragons- on Oriental Trading.

I've used them for each of my sons- using different books.

In the past- I've used paint to decorate the dragons. This time we just used markers and crayons.

That actually worked better!

The boys could really color a lot of detail on their dragons.

Once everyone was done decorating- we went outside to see how their dragons could fly!


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