Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I meant to post this MONTHS ago!
so sorry!

This is a book in the Narnia series. The story that follows Prince Caspian.

The movie is coming out December.
I'll admit
I went over the top with this book club book.

With the movie coming out
and our schools Fall Play coming up
I thought it would be great to adapt this book into a School Play.

(I am currently serving on the committee as the Fine Arts Chair.)

It was an amazing week.
I am so glad- all my boys were able to participate.
My youngest was a Sea Warrior.

My third son was a slave-- with some of his fellow book club mates.

You might recognize this fellow-
he was my neighbor
and fellow book club member

and this fellow below...

They are two boys who usually struggle to finish the book- and look at them here! With main parts! Prince Caspian and Aslan!

My goal is to get kids connecting to books.

Hopefully the more they connect - the more they will want to read.

And as you know...
the more they read
the better reader they will become...
and then-

the world is opened up to them!


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