Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

It's a new year!-

Our Book Clubs are starting up again.
An easy book club to host- especially for

parents new to this idea
MOVIE Book clubs.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules has a movie coming out in March!
(March 25th, 2011)

Click HERE for movie details

My 2nd grader read the first book- and is in love with the series.
(I actually bought the series a year or so ago- for my 5th grader.)

WARNING: They are full of boy humor and antics.
Our nephew who only has sisters- doesn't appreciate the dynamics of having a older brother. He's also home schooled... so he doesn't appreciate the dynamics of public school. (He thinks the book is very mean.)

It's not for everyone.
But - as far as our house goes- my boys love the series and sadly relate to many of the characters. (I had to laugh- in book 4 his mother starts a READING IS FUN club for he and his friends over summer vacation. "So today was the first meeting of the Reading is Fun Club. I felt kind of bad for all the boys whose moms made them come." )

Since my son has read the first book already- and the movie is out. We are going to watch the first movie this Friday.

We'll pass out the books and then these 2nd graders have until March to finish the book.

(It looks thick- but really there are a lot of doodles and pages are "handwritten" instead of typed... I would be interested to know the real word count.)


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