Flash Light Story Time

We only used two books for this Story time: I recruited my oldest son, who is working on his READING Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts... to host the Story Time .. .the next few weeks.

William and the Magic Ring: has been a family favorite bed time story, because of the unusual pictures.. The book is a "shadow casting" book, each page casts a shadow if read with a flash light.

Then he read the Spooky Old Tree. A story about three little bears, out on a flash light adventure exploring a Spooky Old Tree!

Then we took the little fellas on a flash light walk of our own!

They were adorable.

(Scouting link: My oldest has done all the book reviews and library requirements for this merit badge- now he needs to do a 3 hour service project. He has agreed to host a story time for his younger brother... 12 times to fulfill this.)

If you are looking for male Reading Role Models - why not contact your local Boy Scout troop? They might have a scouter interested in earning his READING merit badge.


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