How to Eat Fried Worms- 2nd time around

So I've done How to Eat Fried Worms twice now.

My third son had seen the movie and activities when my second son had his book club a few years ago, so he didn't want to do the same activities for HIS book club.

He helped me, come up with a fun activity- instead of watching the movie. I love it when my boys jump in and get excited about book club.

So he wanted a "treasure hunt" type game. I wrote questions about the book on slips of paper and hid them around our townhouse complex.

Once the kids found all the papers- they brought them back to the house, to answer the questions. ( I cut out two "worm" shape papers, wrote the questions on one side, and a letter on the other side. The letters- spelled where our "treat" was hidden. S-T-O-V-E, the second worm had random letters.)

So ... the questions on the slips of paper (aka: Worm puzzle pieces) were two types.

The worm puzzle that had the correct letters on the back (clues to the treat) had questions about the book.

The second worm puzzle, that had random letters on the back, had facts about worms.

AFTER the boys went on the treasure hunt... and found all the pieces, they took turns reading the questions/fact. (actually all the facts, were true or false questions.)

They had to decide... is that a fact? or a question about the book. If it was a FACT... they discarded that letter....

if it was a question about the book... they answered it and then flipped it over to scramble the letters back into the WORD that would tell them where the treat was hidden.

They could use the book, if needed to find the answers.

The letters spelled out STOVE... so my son rushed to the oven and pulled out a tray that had the fixings for a "Dirt Cup" treat.

Cups with chocolate pudding = mud
Crushed oreos = "dirt"

and a bag of gummy worms

They were "wormy" delicious!

The questions I used were:

How did the bet start? (pg 1-3)

What types of things did he put on his worm, before he ate them? (pg 15)

and pg 27)

What does Tom tell Billy to pretend he is eating? (pg 30)

How do the boys try to scare Billy in NOT eating worms? (pg 39)

(So sorry! I thought I had finished this post..and posted it months ago!) I lost the questions I used... but you get the idea.)

It was a great book club. The movie was a bit different- which is great for discussions. The boys naturally point out what was different and which they liked better.

So here are some additional ideas you can do- for this book. (CLICK HERE) I was going to say "fun" book, but personally, I thought it was really gross thinking about eating 15 worms. My boys, obviously, loved it!


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