Calendar Club- Back To School Burglar

This school year- for my 8 year old's book club
I thought I would try a different approach.
I had every book club member buy this package of Calendar Club Mysteries. (A set of 8 Books)
Each book is set in a different month, and as far as I can tell-- it doesn't matter which month you start with!
We started with the Back to School Burglar.
Set amid a school carnival- as a book club, we planned a mini carnival for my 5 year old's "story time" group.
So on our Book club day, my 8 year old book club buddies had fun making the different
booths for the Carnival.
They also created some cute flyer's to deliver to the little kids in our complex.
The following day- we held our "Carnival". (It was a Story time for my 5 year old and his little buddies.)
So over-all, a brilliant success!
The older boys enjoyed entertaining the little ones, and our story time group loved playing the games the older boys had prepared!
I went to the dollar store and pick up prizes and then had an assortment of candy at each "booth".
We had three centers/ booths: knock cans down (throwing rolled up socks), bean bag toss, and a hockey puck shoot. (It was a mini carnival).
But other booth ideas:
bowling, knocking down pins
basket ball mini hoop- try to make so many baskets in a minute
ring toss (toss rings over 2 liter bottles) and win a mini cup of soda
"fishing" game where you toss a line over a sheet (really a clothes pin for the "hook" ) and have a prize clipped on.
Lollipop Tree was an idea from the book.
It is a cute series and definantly good for struggling readers. (2.3 reading level)
A fun addition to the book are the mazes and word searches at the back of each book.
Happy Reading!


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