Franny K Stein by Jim Benton

Franny isn't your ordinary girl- (if she was, my sons wouldn't have read this series.) She likes bats and science experiments instead of dolls... unless they are dolls she's modified using her MAD scientist skills. These books are short chapter books that are fun and silly.

I actually did this book club last summer-(for my third son) when we first moved here to Utah. I thought it would be a great way to meet some neighbor kids.

I passed out our collection of Franny K Stein books. The kids read the books, and swapped the books with each other. Some kids only read one book. Others were able to swap around and read all of them. I thought that was great. (Those kids who are reluctant readers- read one book, while those that are carnivore readers- read the whole series. No one was left behind- No one was left bored.)

I invited the kids over for a book club. We talked about the different books and some of our favorite parts. Then we did some science experiments.

Half way through the book club, (I thought every thing was going great), I noticed my son was upset. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Everyone liked the science experiments... I pulled him aside and he spilled the beans....

"We never did anything this cool in Hawaii!"
I was baffled... and stunned...
"Tommy, and Nason and Danny... .." he trailed off.

He was having fun--- but having book club with new kids and not his old book club buddies, was kinda painful.

Then I understood.
It was too soon. Transitions are hard.

This summer my 7 year old picked this book series for his book club. (Unfortunately- everyone in his club aren't reading at this level yet.) So- I promised him we could have a Franny K Stein book club with some friends who were coming to visit, from Arizona. Her 5 boys and 3 of mine-- make a pretty awesome band of boys. Her boys read three books from the series.

We sat around and talked about the books.

We did some easy MAD Science outside.
 (I went to Pinterest- to get ideas.)

We made elephant toothpaste.

Blew up a balloon- using only baking soda and vinegar.

 We made a density layered drink.

That was less successful. (Fruit Punch+ Blue Gatorade+ Diet 7up.) The only layers that we could really see- was the diet 7-up on top.

It was fun. My 7 year old was disappointed we only did 3 experiments. So be warned. Once you get started, They may want  more!


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