Animal Hide-and -Seek by Penny Smith

Another Easy Reader level 1 
This is a great book. I've noticed my boys really like non-fiction. Since this book is about Animal Camouflage, I thought a "treasure hunt" type search game would be perfect.
(It gets the kids out, running around, following clues to find hidden animals.
Great to get those wiggles out!)
I've done this book club before (CLICK HERE TO SEE)- with son 3, so I copied those questions and cut and taped them on the plastic reptiles. (I got a packet of those at the dollar store.) I taped a question to each reptile with floral tape.
 (It sticks to itself and not to the animal. Perfect for this type of activity.)
Then I drew pictures of different hiding spots and placed a reptile at a hiding spot, with a clue to the next hiding spot.
(This can be confusing. So I hide everything in the order the kids are going to find them.)
For example: They start at my kitchen table, the clue on the table is our mailbox.
When the kids go to our mailbox, they find a reptile with another picture of a fire pit.
The kids run to the boys house who has a fire pit (I am lucky- we live in a neighborhood where we don't all have fence. So I hid clues at each book club boys yard.)
From the fire pit- they found a lizard with a drawing of another boys sand pit.
The search continued around our neighborhood.
(I made sure to have the boys zig- zag back and forth to get the most energy out!)
I also made sure to have enough lizards and clues for each boy to find.
(You might have to stress that in the beginning. Which boy gets to find the first, second, third clue, etc..  Or else faster boys find all the clues and slower boys get discouraged.)
The search ended, with the last picture showing my kitchen table.

The boys then unwrapped the questions off their lizard
 and we took turns reading and answering the questions.

The boys had a good time. They were happy to know, they could take their frog or lizard home.
I always end with a otter pop- as they walk out the door. (Simple and inexpensive treat.)
I hope if you are thinking about starting a book club for your child- this blog shows you
it doesn't have to be hard  or complicated.
If you host book clubs for your kids- I would love to hear your ideas!
You can contact me at bookclub4boys(at)
If you have a blog where you post your ideas- I would love to highlight your
book club on my Round Up page!

(In 2010 I did this book with my third son- you can see different ideas by clicking HERE.)


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