Animal Hide and Seek by Penny Smith

This is a great non-fiction book about how animals hide to protect themselves. This is a level 1 easy reader with a few challenging words.

Our Energy Game:
Play hide and seek until all book club members arrive.

Our Book Review:
We sat in a circle and I turned pages and asked questions about the book. I had a small cap full of water and if the child answered right- they splashed the water in my face. If they answered wrong- they were splashed in the face. (it's just a silly game)

Types of questions below:
Why do some animals hide?
What is it called when an animal looks like it's surroundings? (camouflage)
What does the fawn look like? (pg 7)
Who do the gray fur chinchillas hide from? (pg 14)
What do the dots on the butterfly wings look like? (pg 17)
What do the crabs add to their bodies? (pg 21)
What can a chameleon do? (change colors pg 22)
What are these seeds really? (pg 25)
Can you find the hidden animals on page (30-31)

Treat: Before the kids come, hide a treat and then make clues (scavenger hunt) that the kids can run around, read clues and find their treat. (I had transformed M&M filled candy canes into reindeer- with construction paper antlers.... )


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