Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow



Snow fun in the summer? No problem with Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus. This is a great book for beginning readers and reluctant readers. The illustrations are more like a comic book with word bubbles.

My son learned some fun facts about snow and how snow is made.

A snow ball fight to start the book club- roll up some white socks and tuck into itself- make quick and simple soft snow balls.

Then we microwaved a 1/4 of an Ivory bar of soap for 30 sec- it puffed up. I made a plate for each boy... and they made snowballs. After playing with their "snow" it becomes pretty crumbly, so I  packed up each plate of "snow" in a baggy and send it home with each boy. They can use the "flakes" the next time they have a bath-- and let it "snow" in their bath tub!

These were simple, fun and cheap activities for book club!


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