Magic School Bus Fights Germs


In this Magic School Bus book, Wanda gets sick.

Miss Frizzle has the kids take a field trip into Wanda's body to see how our body fights germs.

The kids travel into her blood stream and watch

white blood cells fight off germs.

I was hoping for a nice warm day today- and it was rainy.

So last minute I had to adapt our book club activities.

I wanted to play a chase game- and I bought a bunch of these soft balls. They are for bath time- and I found them at Walmart for 75 cents each. I thought I would give the kids a ball and one be "it". The person who is "it" chases those with the balls. If he tags someone- they have to give him their ball. (So the boy, who happens to be without the ball is always "it".

Since it was a rainy day- we played a game that is a cross between Duck-duck- goose and Hot-Potato.

I had the boys sit in a circle and I gave them a purple ball. (The Germ) I gave another boy a white ball. (it was a rolled up sock = White Blood Cell.) Then we played music as they passed the balls around the circle. When the music stopped. Whoever was holding the white ball (white blood cell) had to chase the boy who was holding the purple ball (germ). That was pretty fun.

The next activity we played in my garage. It involved half the boys wearing a white shower cap on their head, that had been squirted with shaving cream. (Again- they were WHITE BLOOD CELLS).

They took turns wearing the hats- and other people tried to throw cheese puffs on their heads.

It was fun. The kids thought the hats were funny. The Cheese balls made a great book club snack.

Alternative idea: I was thinking a great field trip for this series- would have been to go to a Children's Discovery Museum. When we lived in California there was one not very far away. Every  Magic School Bus book they seem to shrink to explore on their field trip. So going to a Discovery Museum would be a good activity.


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