Weird School Series by Dan Gutman

Miss Daisy is Crazy! Is the first book in this funny series. The book are short (great for reluctant readers and also "beginning to read independently" readers.)

This series is about a boy AJ who hates school. Miss Daisy is Crazy! starts at the first day of second grade. (How perfect is that!? My little guy is starting second grade in two weeks!) AJ meets his teacher (who he thinks is crazy) because she doesn't know anything, she has to have the class teach HER how to add and subtract. The kids in the class promise not to tell the principal, they don't want to get her fired- but they (day-after-day) try to teach her the lessons she is suppose to be "teaching" them. (wink-wink).

Each book in this series- highlights another wacky school character. The Principal is highlighted in Mr. Klutz is Nuts, The Lunch Lady: Ms LaGrange is Strange, etc. I had two copies of book one- so our two second-graders got to read that book. (I hope it inspires them to read more in the series.)

What better book club activity- than WALK TO SCHOOL! As we walked, we talked about the safest route to school. (Using the sidewalks and crossing only at the cross walk.)

I let them play on the swings and play ground. They were so excited as they broke all kinds of school play ground rules. (Like running up the slide! Such rebels!) I was just letting them goof- off. But we talked about school rules- and why they were important.
(To keep everyone safe. Ensure no one got hurt.)
They were pretty hot and sweaty- when I suggested we take a break and have a snack.

We ate "school lunch snacks" and  each boy reported to the club- what his book was about. (Which character and what was "weird" about them.)
The boys were sad, this was our last book club.
I wont lie- I was happy they asked if we could continue during the school year!
I told them, we would see- if everyone had time- once school starts.
It was a great end- to a summer book club.


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