Summer Book Club Wrapping UP

Well- WE DID IT! Remember how we were so hesitant to start a summer book club? (you started one right? you didn't just say YES and then lead me on?) In a few short weeks- summer will be over and school will be starting! Our little book club has one last book to read.

I think I successfully converted my 7 year old and his friends- that book club is cool.

In Hawaii- I always held book club during the school year. (All the kids had 20 minutes of nightly reading for homework and life was slower paced... so a once a month book club was just a good excuse to gather the friends and have some fun.)

I don't know about life here in Utah. It seems like everyone is so busy and over scheduled during the school season with school and sports and such- I don't know if our book club will continue? The elementary school my children attends- have a school wide book club! (I think that is pretty awesome. Everyone is reading different books- but in the same genre. ( For example, historical fiction, or adventure, or science fiction, etc... and then once a month they have an activity. Last year I helped out a few time with this project.)

But don't let that stop you from dropping by!
There are still lots of good reasons to visit bookclub4boys this fall/winter.
FIRST:  I am having a preschool story time this fall/winter and I will be weekly blogging about on my ROUND UP page.
SECOND: I'll still be reviewing books that reluctant readers like and I'll be posting those book reviews on this page.
THIRD: Don't miss a give-away- you've got great chances to win! lol- since it appears only my family and church friends visit this blog...

So don't be a stranger!
and as always- if you host a book club or story time, I would love to spot light your group!


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