The Host by Stephanie Myers

This book is by the same author of the popular Twilight Series. (I read the first book of Twilight and enjoyed it- but wasn't drawn to read more or watch the movies.) I just felt it was- I don't know! I just didn't like the drama of having two men madly in love with Bella. Strange- right?

Also- when I read the first Twilight book- I was on vacation. It was a "family reunion"/ vacation.  My nieces, were all reading it. Grandma and us Aunts thought it would be fun to read the same book. So when I was reading Twilight- it was with my nieces in mind. I didn't like Bella being drawn to this "dangerous" "outsider" vampire character. I mean- I think I was in a different mind set. I was reading it with concern for my impressionable nieces... did I want them hanging out with the outcast crowd? Bella always threw herself on Edward- and left it up to HIM to resist sexual desires... did I want my nieces to think all boys will be so strong-willed? (HA! we know better than that! lol)

So I didn't like Twilight and didn't get caught up in that trend- but I think I was tainted. So when my sister recommended The Host to me- I tried to keep an open mind- and just read it for fun.

I liked The HOST so much better, but I had to laugh- of course the main character has two men madly in love with her! lol. But in this book... one guy is in love with the human, and the other guy is in love with the alien in her body... a little complicated- no?

Anyway- it was a good read. I didn't notice any swearing, no gruesome violence (like Hunger Games), mild mention to sexual attraction- but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable- that I wouldn't want my nieces to read. I really enjoyed the premise of the book and enjoyed Stephanie Myers story telling in this book. I don't think it is a series - but I wish it was!


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