Mine-O-Saur Story Time

Today was my Preschool Preview- so it was very short and we only read one book. But I loved this simple idea- that perfectly lead into our theme for the day: Friendship. (Specifically- meeting preschool friends.)
We made simple friendship bracelets- using cut up straws and pipe cleaners.

I cut the straws today. But this activity from suggested the kids cut the straws themselves. (That would have been fine- if I could have supervised the activity. Today I was greeting parents and such at my Preschool Preview and reviewing paper work with them- that the kids were at the table doing this project by themselves with younger siblings.)

There are many books you could use. I chose The Mine-o-saur by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen. It's about a stingy dinosaur that doesn't want to share. He learns the hard way- that NOT sharing and NOT taking turns... results in NOT making friends.

It lead beautifully into an open discussion about the type of behavior we want to have at preschool and how we treat our friends.

I kept today- short and sweet.
Next week preschool begins- for reals!


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