The Color of Us Story Time

This month we are focusing on Friendship at Preschool and we have a little diversity in our group. Having spent 8 years in Hawaii- raising my 4 haole (white) boys in a community VERY diverse, I love this book. It truly celebrates the many colors skin comes in- cinnamon, cumin, chocolate, honey... etc. (It kinda makes you hungry at the same time too... lol) The kids had a lot of fun putting their hands next to the drawings trying to identify their skin color.

The craft today - was provided in my FUNSHINEEXPRESS preschool curriculum. (I love these monthly kits- they come with such fun activities and all supplies are provided!)

See the concentration on this little guy? They were so engaged in creating their puppet friends. I should have taken a picture of the finished product- but they were working on these puppets to the bitter end! They didn't stop until parents came one-by-one and pried them away.


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