Enemy Pie Story Time

For the first week of Preschool - we are focusing on Friendship. This is a cute book about how to eliminate an enemy. It is more simple than you think!

Naturally- for our story time snack- we are having PIE! (But we called ours Friendship Pie) and our craft was a paper pie. (Sorry for the horrible color of my photos- the color for this month is RED- so we cut strips of red construction paper and orange.)

So this was that was the idea.

Let the kids cut strips--- weave them. This was very challenging for some of the kids and others up for the challenge of the task.
If you have young kids (ages 3) I think weaving would be too frustrating for them. My class is Kindergarten Prep, and I have a few kids who just missed the deadline for school. (So they are older 4 year olds.) They were able to do this activity and even caught onto the pattern. They repeated after me, "Over- Under-Over-Under" as they weaved.

I cut the circles out of the white paper- to make a PIE.

But here is what the kids were able to do. (I always like their work better!)


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