Pumpkin storytime

There are so many cute books with pumpkins- This is one story I read for our pumpkin story time. This is the cute craft we did. You can look tomorrow on my preschool page HERE to see the other activities we did with pumpkins.

We also played a cute modified Trick or Treat game.
To prep: You need a trick-or- treat bucket, strips of paper and Halloween candy.
On the paper you write TREAT on a few, the rest you write different "tricks".
"Tricks" could be, BARK like a dog, HOP like a frog, do 5 Jump-N-Jacks, WINK at your neighbor, BLINK 5x, Meow like a cat, etc...  (just think of silly tricks they could do.)

Then place the papers in the trick-or-treat bucket.

Play the game by sitting in a circle and passing the bucket around. If they pull a TREAT paper, you give them a piece of Halloween candy. If they pick a TRICK, they have to perform the trick.

Over all- a very fun Story time.


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