May Magic by Ron Roy

Our first book club for the summer! (2014)

When I saw three books in The Calendar Club series by Ron Roy offered at our scholastic flyer- I contacted all the kids in my sons cub scout group and invited them to buy the set- and join our book club for the summer.

As it would turn out- only one other boy was interested.

(And that is actually perfect for my little guy- he is a small group kind of guy. Really quiet in crowds.)

I hadn't read the book- but was pretty sure "magic" would be a great activity to include in our book club. so a few weeks in advance- I booked a magician. (I asked my older boys if they had any friends who knew magic tricks. Without hesitation - one of my sons knew a friend who would be willing to come and show our book club some tricks.)

He was great!
He did a few card tricks and one trick with a handkerchief.

The boys were delighted!
Next: I had prepared some book club questions.
(questions written in markers and the answers written with white crayons.)

The boys read and answered the questions and then revealed the answers with watercolor paint.
(It worked just like "magic"!)
We made English muffin pizza's and used our "magic" slushy cup to make drinks.
(that didn't work so good.)
Over all it was simple and fun.
The boys started talking about things to do at our NEXT book club- and that is always a good omen.

Other books in this set: June Jam & July Jitters
This whole series is fun.
 (I've used other books in this series- click HERE to see!)


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