Camp Out Story time

This isn't the best picture. But I just wanted you to know- YES!I really do these Story Times with my 4 year old and his friends. (He was horrified that on this day- only the girls could come! GASP!) But we had a blast and I couldn't believe it.... the girls had never had a smore! Is that a crime or what!?

Your Checklist: A week or so before....
First buy or gather your Camp Out books.
Invite your group over for a "Camp Out".

Your Checklist: A day or two before....
Gather all your "woodsy" type of stuffed animals. (bears, wolves, rabbits, etc...)
Gather "Tent" type materials. If you have a play tent great! If not- use your imagination- chairs and sheets, etc.... ( Our pitched tent was that sheet of a shelter in the background)
Made a fake campfire- ( the paper bag pile with construction paper flames in the center.)
Do you have your Camp Craft supplies?
Do you have Smore ingredients?

Day of Story time:
As the kids come- remind them of the theme and have them help set up camp!
Build the camp fire together
Pitch the tent
Bring out all the stuffed animals and let them play!

Gather the kids together again and re-construct the camp fire. (During play time- this might have gotten spread across the room. )

Re-state the theme and start the chant:
We're going on a camp out
We're going to have a good time!
What a beautiful day- we're not scared! ( to the tune- We're going on a Bear Hunt.)
Guide the kids, walking down a path, climbing up a hill , through the trees, etc.. to find your imaginary campsite. I usually pat my knees to the beat then mime the actions. This will hopefully help get some of those last minute wiggles out!

Read some stories that relate to Camping Out

Then make the snacks- Smores!

( I melted chocolate chips in the microwave and cooked the marshmallows a little bit in there too. Then I spread the chocolate on the graham cracker and placed the warm mellow on top- sandwiched with another graham cracker.)

Craft: Camp Crafts.

Easy Binoculars. Two Toilet paper rolls with two paper clips!

Camp Lantern: green construction paper, stapler (adult staples tube together),

Stuff with red, yellow and orange tissue paper

Punch holes and attach a string

When they are done with their Camp Crafts- let them continue their "Camp Out playing" until parents come to pick up. You could also take them outside to look at things with their binoculars.
UPDATE: This post was our story time for my 3rd son when he was in preschool-- below is a picture of this son (now in first grade) reading this book to his younger brother (who is now in preschool).
I just had to share: a weak mommy moment. I can't tell you HOW THRILLED I am each and every time my kids pick up a book and read! Because that is not usually the first thing they think to do. And if they do pick a book up- it could just as easily turn into a projectile or weapon to whack with, but I caught a sweet moment between brothers.


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