Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Opening Games:
List of Supplies:
a stuffed dog for each boy
a dog toy for each boy
a granola bar for each boy

Shiloh game
In the book, Marty learned how much work it takes to care for a dog. Give each boy a stuffed dog, a ball, and a "dog treat" (granola bar)- Sneak a brief review of the book and how Marty took care of Shiloh. Ask questions like, " How did Marty feed Shiloh? Where did Shiloh sleep?, etc..

Have each boy find a space in your yard to put their items.
When everyone has their places- explain that when you say "go" everyone runs to other people's piles and take items and return to their place. They race from pile to pile- taking items one at a time. When you randomly say , "stop" everyone stops and the boys that still have a dog, a ball and a treat win. (Play a few times to get some of their energy out.)

Dog Pound
For this chase game all the boys but one, lines up on one side of the yard. They decided three or four different types of dogs to represent. One boy is "Judd" or "it". Judd calls out the different types. When he calls out "Dog Pound" all the boys run across the yard and try not to get tagged. If he calls out just one type of dog- those boys run across. Boys that are tagged, stay frozen and try to tag other boys as they run across. The game continues until their is just one dog left.

Activity: Paint Bobble Head Puppies
I got bobble head puppies from Party Express. The boys really enjoyed painting their own dogs.
I think they liked the "mixing it up" at book club.

Talk about Topics in the book while boys paint.

There is also a Movie that goes along with this book.
Both are really good.


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