How to Be a Pirate by Cressida Cowell

Cut out the questions and hide clues for the TREASURE HUNT!
Brown grocery sack for each boy

Help each boy make a “Viking” triangle hat out of a brown paper bag. Staple “horns” (cardstock horns) to the hat and write the Vikings name on it.

FEATS OF STRENGTH-- have the boys pair up and do these different wrestling activities.
Have two boys face each other and put their hands on each other’s shoulders. Draw a line in between them. Have the boys try to push the other boy and cross the line. Then next round- have them try to pull the other boy across the line.

Have boys face each other and hold RIGHT hands. Then have each boy hold his own left ankle with left hand. Boys try to get their opponent off balance by pushing and pulling with their right hands.

Partner each boy up and have them sit down, back to back. Have them link their arms at the elbow. Working together- by pushing on each others back- see if they can get into a standing position.

(More partner physical activities can be found in Cub scouting books. Wolf pg 39-45, Bear pg 131-135, Webelos pg 139-141.)
Once ALL the boys are in attendance and have had a chance to get some of their energy out… start the official ..

Search for Grimbeard the Ghastly Treasure Hunt!
Make a special dessert or treat for the boys this will be the TREASURE after their scavenger hunt. Take the questions/ clues and fill in the correct letters for the answers. For example: If you plan on having Hot Fudge Sundae’s for dessert. The correct answer for #1 question will be H, #2 will be O, #3 will be T and so on..

Hide the questions in and around your house or neighborhood. You can change the location of any or all of the clues- if you want to personalize the search to your specific house, Just make sure you check and double check that one clue leads to the next.

Boys will be running around your house, answering questions- so be sure to have breakable knit-knacks put up and out of the way. When they get an answer- they record the letter that corresponds with the right answer on their score sheet. ( A piece of paper they have numbered.)When they have answered all the questions correctly they will know what you have made for dessert = the TREASURE! ( Brownie Sundaes! or Chocolate Chip Cookies!)

Have you ever felt like Hiccup?
What would you do to train your dragon?
What was your favorite part of the book?
What surprised you?
Who was your favorite character?
Did you enjoy the book?
If not- what would have made it better?


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